Reasons for Poor Color Retention and Fading in Microblading and Eyebrow Fibrosis

Perhaps the main reason for the lack of color absorption in shading and tattooing in the micropigmentation method is the technique and experience of the pigmenter, the color used, and the frequent application of ointment immediately after tattooing, which often arises from issues related to counterfeit colors available.........

Reasons for late coloring or   color loss in microblading and eyebrow phibrows 

Today, doing microblading and eyebrow phibrows and shade of eyebrows, lips and eyeliner have gained many fans and with the help of this method, you can cover the defects on the face and make the face more beautiful. One of the problems that a number of people usually face after performing microblading and eyebrow phibrows, or shade, is the non-stabilization of the color of microblading and eyebrow phibrows and the loss of the color of microblading and eyebrow phibrows , which makes this the beautiful face that you expect. He didn't get it. Therefore, if you intend to do microblading and eyebrow phibrows and shadow shading for eyebrows, eyes and lips, it is better to read this article carefully to know the factors that cause color loss in microblading and eyebrow phibrows and to work to fix it.

In this article, you will read about various combinations of color loss or lack of color, microblading and eyebrow phibrows.

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Wait for microblading color stabilization and eyebrow phibrows!

In order to prove that microblading and eyebrow phibrows, and the eyebrow shade has not been dyed, you must wait two to three weeks after doing the work for the color to stabilize in the skin, because a few days after microblading and eyebrow phibrows, the skin starts to regenerate. The reason seems to be that it is pale and in some cases colorless.

Perhaps the main reason for not getting color and microblading and eyebrow phibrows in the micropigmentation method, the technique and experience of the pigment and color used and greasing immediately after microblading and eyebrow phibrows many times, of course, most of the problems are due to the counterfeit colors available in the Iranian market. Is.

There are two types of microblading and eyebrow phibrows

In the first type: the customer's skin does not get color after microblading and eyebrow phibrows!

 The reason for these skins not getting colored:
 or there are internal reasons such as:
- Heart diseases 
- Hormonal disorders 
- Nervous disorders 
- Taking pills 
- Period 
- Breastfeeding


There are a series of external causes such as:
- skin type 
- skin color
- microblading color and eyebrow phibrows 
- the amount of exposure to sunlight 
- sunbathing 
- going to the pool a lot
- using creams and exfoliating products 

A series of factors are also related to microblading and eyebrow phibrows, such as:
- minimum pressure
- high hand pressure 
- bright color of microblading and eyebrow phibrows 
- low number of strokes 
- high use of anesthesia 
- long exposure of the needle 

In the second type: an eyebrow or an eye is not dyed!

First, we need to know the structure of the skin:
 the skin is made up of different layers, which if we want to express in simple language.

1. The surface layer of the skin that we can see with our eyes (dead tissue)
2. The middle layer of the skin (living tissue) in which the color must be implanted and the inner layer contains some water.
3. The layer of fat tissue (when the needle enters this layer, blood (very thin blood with water) comes out.
4. The layer that contains blood vessels and nerve cells. When the needle enters this layer, we will bleed and this The layer is the forbidden part of the moon...and under no circumstances should the needle reach this layer.

Well, let's go back to the main topic...
the cause of microblading and eyebrow phibrows in those who get one eyebrow dyed and one eyebrow doesn't get dyed.

1. When the needle enters the middle layer and fat tissue and the blood or interstitial water of the skin reaches the surface of the skin, the blood enters the needle and we insert the same needle into the pan
. We use pans and that color loses its ability to penetrate the lower layers.

So, to avoid this problem, be sure to clean the needle with cotton before inserting it into the pan.
(hold the needle part of the device in an oblique position on the wet cotton so that the color inside the head of the plate or cartridge is completely empty)

2. Slowing down of the needle while working due to reasons such as:
- The customer's skin is hard and thick
- The needle hits the end of the paint pan 
- The time of working with the needle is too long.
The needle slows down and if we put the tip of the needle under the magnifying glass, it has become crooked. When the needle reaches this state, it can no longer create an opening and implant the color well, and the needle must be replaced. 

3. Stress, thoughts and imagination, use of nerve pills, heart discomfort. 
If your client has one of the above, it is possible that a part of his skin is temporarily paralyzed due to nervous attacks and that part does not absorb color.

For these people, when the skin does not get colored, we should rest for about a quarter to half an hour. The customer should drink a glass of cool water and lie down with his eyes closed, then we will continue the work.

4. The fourth reason, which is the most important and main reason for not getting color in people who have a lower color receptivity on one side of their face.

 In women, the left hemisphere of the brain is much more active than the right hemisphere.
Due to the activity, it does not leave the body too much, the color acceptability in this part is much lower than the other part, unfortunately there is no solution for it, except to invite the client to calm down and relax.

Some important points in permanent eyebrow makeup:

●During the work, the skin should be evenly stretched and the working pressure should be uniform so that the pigment implantation is done uniformly. Too much hand pressure causes swelling and damage to the skin, and too little pressure leads to lack of coloring and eventually severe color loss. Also, observing the right hand angle is very effective in coloring, elegance and beauty of microblading lines and eyebrow phibrows.

The skin is thinner in the area of ​​the eyebrow.

Bleeding in the work is a sign of wrong implantation and as a result the color recedes from the skin.
In oily skins, color implantation is difficult. For better results, it is better to use caulking and lower hand movement and machine speed.
The closer the selected color is to the skin color, the less durable the work will be.
●Pause of the color makes the color more stable in place
●The left side is usually more painful.
It is better to work on two eyebrows at the same time.
Our eyebrows are sisters, not twins.

✍✍ suitable depth of the needle on the face
 ✍ Eyebrow: sensitive skin 1
             normal skin 1/5
✍ Eyes: sensitive skin 0/5
            normal skin 1
✍ Lip line: sensitive skin 1/5
                normal skin 2 to 2.5
✍ Lipstick: skin Sensitive 1 
                normal skin 1/5

A point that may need to be taken into consideration is the correct choice of needle to perform the work, which is determined depending on the selected position and operation. 

For example, we can use single-headed, three-headed, and five-headed needles for the lip line, but which one do you think is more suitable and will lead to better results in practice? 

Our suggestion is that the single head should not be used in this work due to the sensitivity and thinness of the epidermis layer of the lip skin. Using 3 or 5 heads will lead to much better results.

Introducing the best color for microblading and eyebrow phibrows that has less color loss

Among the reliable brands of microblading color and eyebrow phibrows, microblading and micropigmentation, the following can be mentioned:

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The color of phibrows

Fibroz color is recommended by microblading experts who have experience working with this color. Fibroz microblading and eyebrow fibroz color is made in Germany and is undoubtedly the best brand in the microblading and eyebrow fibroz market.

The color of fibrosis

kp color

The KP brand is one of the world's leading suppliers to the permanent makeup industry. Since 1985, KP has provided quality products and services to more than 20,000 customers, distributors and students interested in pursuing permanent cosmetics as a career  . It is microblading and eyebrow phibrows  that solves your need in designing microblading and eyebrow phibrows.

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Microblading training in Karaj

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