Smoky hair color Gray smoky hair color combination

Smoky hair color A unique combination for all types of smoky gray color

Have you ever thought of trying a smoky hair color? Choosing a hairstyle can be difficult, especially if you want to keep your hair natural but still be a little different.

Gray smoky hair color is suitable for those who want to stay natural. Gray hair looks amazing on everyone and you will never regret it. In this article, you will read about the different combinations of smoky hair color / gray hair color.

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Smoky hair color what is gray

Gray hair color has a cool tone with mainly blue and green pigments, giving it a smoky and silver appearance. This hair color is more subtle and has a shiny, icy look, making it less vibrant.

Smoke gray hair color formula 1

Photo of gray smoky hair

To get smoky hair color like this, you need to bleach your hair to a very light level, so it's best to start with strong, healthy hair. Make sure to use good bleaching products that won't damage your hair too much. When mixing the smoky color, it's a good idea to add some purple to stop green colors from showing up. To maintain this color, you'll need a hair dryer.

Smoke gray hair color formula  2

The combination of Nescafé smoky hair color

Nescafé's smoky hair color composition formula

Hair base: 8

Lite base: 9

Smoky hair color 8

Gray hair color 8

Nescafe hair color 8

10 cm smoke - 2 cm purple - 5 cm gold

Oxidant 9%

Olive gray color


Pearl smoky hair color formula

Photo of smoky pearl hair color

The formula of smoky shell hair color composition 1
Smoky shell hair color

The formula of smoky shell hair color combination 2

Smoky oyster color

Nescafé smoky hair color formula

Nescafé smoky hair color formula


Smokey blonde hair color combination formula

The formula of the combination of smoky blonde color


Olive gray smoky paint composition formula

Smoky olive gray hair color

Smoky color formula without bleaching

Smoky color without bleaching

Smokey hair color combination formula Gray

Gray Blonde To Ice Blue Ombre - Gray Hairstyle

Gray blonde to icy blue ombre

This hair color works best on dark blonde hair, like the roots of this model. Since her natural hair doesn’t have warm tones, you can achieve white and silver-blonde hair without bleaching. This is crucial for keeping the hair beautiful. It’s a fresh take on the classic long, blonde, wavy style, and it looks even more stunning!

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Combination formula of gray blonde hair color to ice blue ombre

Formula number 1

  • Silver blonde C9: 10 cm
  • Silver variation 0.22: three centimeters
  • Gray variation: three centimeters
  • Grade one oxidant: 30 cc

Formula number 2

First, bleach your hair to the last degree, then dye your hair with the help of hair color combinations.

  • Some C10 hair dye
  • Illuminator (0-00) E20: 1/3
  • Silver variation (E13): three centimeters
  • Oxidant number 2

Perfect gray glossy hair color on long straight hair - smoky hairstyles

Great glossy gray hair color on straight and long hair

This stylish long bob stands out with its mix of gray and silver colors, creating a play of light and shadow that adds texture. The subtle blend of colors is what makes this style unique and long-lasting. Smoky hair color is trendy and eye-catching, so it's important to keep your hair well-maintained. As shown, this is a great way to give long straight hair a modern twist!

Silver smoky hair color combination formula:

  • Smoky paint with base seven is enough (one tube)
  • enough silver blonde color (half tube)
  • The purple variation is just enough (two knuckles).
  • Sufficient smoky and silver variations (one knuckle)
  • 8th grade

Smoky hair color with blue method

smoky hair color

The formula for the combination of smoky and light blue  hair color 

Declaring up to level 8 to 9 and then washing with anti-yellowing shampoo

Smoky blonde color 8 one tube

Danny Van Chromatic Highlight, a quarter tube

Smoky, gray and silver variations of two knuckles

Oxidant 6%

These two models demonstrate vertical highlighting in fashionable, modern colors. The gray base gets a 3D smoky look with many ice blue highlights that are thin at the top and get thicker towards the ends. This creates texture and movement, especially highlighting the curls at the ends of a long, straight bob. It results in a unique and appealing look in both narrow and somewhat wider styles, with a mix of fine and thicker ends.


Beige-gray-blonde, gray hairstyle

Beige-gray-blonde, gray hairstyle

This gray shade is warmer than the ones with icy blue hints. It goes well with warm-colored clothes because it has beige tones. The roots are a medium dark blonde or light brown. A bit of beige toner is added for some extra color. Towards the ends, the amber gray blonde gets a contemporary look with a straight, geometric cut. This makes it a great style for fine hair.

Gray hair color combination formula:

  • Hair color 8 + 8.32
  • Hair color e7 olive color
  • Oxidant 6% or number 1

Long gray with a circle band - 3D styles for smoky hair

Long gray with a circle band - 3D styles for smoky hair

The circular braid is an ancient hairstyle that remains popular among young women today, thanks to its adaptability to various colors and textures. This hairstyle uses a color scheme that adds depth, featuring dark gray roots and vertical oat highlights for a 3D effect. Adding a bit of golden beige in two shades makes the overall look softer and more appealing.

Inverted glossy gray smoky hair color on straight hair 

Inverted glossy gray smoky hair color on straight hair 

The mix of dark gray roots with white and silver blonde strands makes this bob hairstyle look unique and laid-back. Even though it's hard to tell in a photo, when the person moves their head, their hair catches the light and shows off a lot of lively movement. This style works well for fine and smooth hair, as it doesn't depend on hair thickness and really brings out the hair's natural shine!

Ombre - smoky hair color

Ombre - smoky hair color

This trendy medium-length hairstyle has a relaxed topknot and a straight, slightly messy ponytail at the back. Hair swept back from the forehead gives a nice lift, especially for those with low foreheads or round faces. It's a modern gray style with dark roots and smoky platinum-blonde for the rest of the hair, great for a cool, effortless rockstar vibe!

Soft pink and gray hair color 

Soft pink and gray hair color

Here's another variety of gray tones that look great on the model's cool skin tone! Instead of just one flat gray, we mix at least three different shades to make a soft, full bob hairstyle. The roots are a warm, medium gray, with touches of pink and blue that bring out the waves and add a subtle 3D look. This style is a modern take on the well-liked inverted bob, with wavy layers made to look super smooth and silky!

Silver smoky blonde hair color

Silver smoky blonde hair color

You can create amazing textures with thick hair, and the new 'triangle' style is one of the best. It's a unique and modern take on the long pixie cut. Stylists achieve this look by cutting thick hair into uneven, vertical layers. The ends are styled to make sharp, clear highlights that stand out against dark roots. Adding smoky hair color on top creates stunning, attention-grabbing highlights!

Smoky hair color - gray

Smoky hair color - gray


This medium bob haircut is trendy and has a fresh twist. Changing to a gray color is a simple way to refresh your look this season. The haircut keeps most of its thickness but has some layers near the ends for added texture. The tips are subtly textured too. With lighter blonde highlights mixed into the waves, the style shows off various shades, movement, and textures.

Most people can look great with gray or smoky hair. But it's always best to see a professional colorist. They can check your natural skin tone and tailor a beautiful smoky gray hairstyle just for you!

Smoky beige hair color

Smoky beige hair color

Smoky gray hair color

Smoky gray hair color

Sandy smoke hair color

Sandy smoke hair color

Sandy smoke hair color

Smoky shell hair color

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Nescafé smoky hair color

 Nescafé smoky hair color